Thank you for your participation as a Speaker / Moderator at EuroSummit '11. As a Speaker, you will enjoy complimentary access to the entire conference, including the party and all networking events. Please complete the form below to confirm your participation.

Note: hotel reservations are separate from the conference registrations and are not included in your complimentary registration. After completing the form below, click the “Accommodation” link located on the left navigation menu to reserve a hotel room. You should make payment directly to the hotel for your accommodation charges.

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Speaker Release Form

  • Following is a standard release to permit the recording (video and audio) of your participation in the CTAM Europe EuroSummit 2011 in Malta on September 22nd and 23rd, 2011 ('ES 11') and to set forth certain understandings with respect to your participation.

  • I, the undersigned, hereby grant CTAM Europe and its designees, licensees, assignees and affiliates ('CTAM Europe'), the right to record my speech and to reprint, transcribe, edit, excerpt from, or otherwise include any/all material from my speech or presentation, including my name, picture and biography, for reproduction and any future promotional use by CTAM Europe whether in print, electronic media, online or otherwise.

  • I hereby acknowledge CTAM Europe as copyright proprietor of all rights to such recordings, transcripts, summaries of my speech or presentation. Nothing herein prevents me from using this same material elsewhere in any way I choose.

  • I understand that I may draw upon my (or my company's) experiences and past projects in order to share acquired knowledge and insights at the CTAM Europe EuroSummit'11. To the extent I do so, I will secure all required permissions beforehand. I will not use the CTAM Europe EuroSummit 2011 as a forum to promote my (or my company's) products or services.

  • I give the foregoing rights and make the foregoing acknowledgements and promises to CTAM Europe freely in consideration of this organization allowing me to speak at the CTAM Europe EuroSummit'11 and confirm that I shall receive no compensation for this recording.
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